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Tech company adds former Goldman Sachs exec as new CFO

HANGZHOU, CHINA- Kujiale.com, the parent company of Coohom, a 3D visualization company with U.S. home furnishings customers, has brought on Bei Shen as the company’s new chief financial officer. Shen previously served as the executive director of Goldman Sachs China’s investment banking division and orchestrated IPO’s for several companies.

“It’s my privilege to join Kujiale, a company that has the unique combination of a strong technology background and a healthy SaaS business,” Shen said.

Shen’s role will include leading initiatives involving the company’s strategy, finance and investment according to Victor Huang, Kujiale co-founder, who said he expects the revenue structure to improve as the company grows in the global home furnishings market in preparation for a potential upcoming IPO.

In order to continue its expansion, Kujiale has incorporated in the U.S. with an office launching in California in November. Coohom, the company’s international arm, offers home furnishings companies in the U.S. visualization solutions including products for 3D product configuration, automated imagery, floor planning tools and mixed reality experiences including augmented and virtual reality.

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